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Our Services

oitsinc-page-image-2Our organization’s primary focus above all else is providing quality solution services to our customers. Our professional services team is comprised of highly qualified engineers that have a specific focus on the products they support. We understand that our customers are coming to us and expect subject matter experts that specialize in the solution we are delivering, and we groom our staff with this in mind.

Remote Professional Services

Remote Professional Services provided by OITS are designed to deliver a thorough scope of service with measured investment. The remote services option is designed to offer approaches for achieving compliance in accordance with the spirit of the standard, while respecting the cost of deployment services. Remote Services can be billed daily, weekly , monthly, quarterly or annually for discounted rates.

On-site Professional Services

Nothing can replace the value of face to face communication and collaboration. We are available to travel anywhere world wide for onsite professional services. (Travel outside of North America is billed at a higher rate.) Our On-site Professional Services provide a superior personalized support experience. At OITS our goal is to provide your company with the highest standard of security controls. Compliance mandates can quickly become a significant disruption for your organization in the way of the use of resources like time and personnel; costing your company money. OITS engineers work closely with your technicians, as an extension of your team, providing you with expertly personalized consultation services. OITS On-Site Professional Services facilitate the personalized expert service required to create an environment of compliance, strategic workflows, and security. On-site Services can be billed weekly , monthly, quarterly or annually for discounted rates.

Intel Security & McAfee Managed Solutions

For customers looking to outsource any of the management required Intel Security, we provide low cost yearly agreements tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Our US based team have vast experience with Intel Security’s products from deploying for our customers on site in production. This invaluable experience provides the insight needed to help support our customer environments based on needs ranging from total MSP style management to specialized tier 3 support and oversight as needed on a project by project basis.

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