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We guarantee to leave you with a fully functioning, secure, and stable network.

Jerry Hare

We also implement new products and services on existing networks. If you need a new server or network security appliance, conversion from one vendor to another, or just and update of your already in place equipment, we can help. To see a full list of the products we support go click here.

We also can provide on call technical support as needed. If you want professionals available in case of emergency, available to take overflow of tier 3 support calls, or just need temporary support to augment your staff as needed, we can help.

Our Team

Jerry Hare
Jerry HareCEO & Sr. Network Security Engineer
While on active duty in the United States Air Force I was quickly exposed to supporting critical systems for Command & Control without compromising security. After separating from the Air Force I spent some time as a Network Security Engineer, deploying Network Security products for McAfee. It was then that I realized my passion for […]
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Cynthia Stokes
Cynthia StokesPresident
It is our mission to not only set a standard of excellence, but to exceed any and all expectations of our clients. We will always offer a diverse set of solutions, with the ability to make technology an asset to any organization.